Handcrafted Silk Scroll – Pandas

The bear is important to the concepts of feng shui (the Chinese art of harmonising humans with their environments). According to this philosophy, a bear represents masculine energies. Placing a figure of a bear in a living space – particularly near a door helps to protect the┬áhome and its residents.

The high-grade jewel box contains the Chinese and English descriptions of the gold foil. Its exquisite craftsmanship, high-grade exquisite packaging, and elegant and precious are rare treasures.

This scroll is based on delicate soft silk as a carrier. It is especially waterproof, mildew-proof and fade-resistant. It combines the Chinese ink’s charm with silk’s beautiful silk rhyme. It has a silky touch and a bright colour. It also uses national invention patent technology. The use of silk flowers to decorate them makes the products more elegant, dignified and luxurious. It is an ideal gift to share.

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