The wSw Convalescent Care & Support Program

wSw offers patients who are no longer acute or requiring specialised care or treatment, assistance with their discharge from hospital.

wSw utilises appropriate residential care options to further support and care for patients prior to returning home.

One of the many benefits offered by wSw is how a patient is placed into a residential care facility close to family and friends proving beneficial for several reasons:

a) being close to loved ones has been medically proven to significantly assist in a patients’ recovery

b) it allows elderly partners and friends easy access, which in some cases may be just a five-minute walk.

Convalescent Care

wSw aligns itself with only the best credentialed, most highly ranked residential care facilities to ensure patients don’t merely reside in a nice, well equipped facility, rather they also receive the best possible care specifically catered for their condition.

Should circumstances change, wSw will call on its 15-year history of assisting patients and their loved ones with the complexities of remaining in a residential care facility.

wSw benefits everyone including:

Releases beds to patients who are acute

General Practice
Patients who may need to be in a supportive environment for a period of time

Loved ones wanting to avoid hospitalisation are placed in a care program

Case Managers
A client under care requiring more intense support for a period of time avoiding hospitalisation and avoiding entry into residential care prematurely

Our 4 Step Action Plan

  • 1. Phone experienced wSw team member

  • 2. Team member notes appropriate information

  • 3. Requirements agreed, team member arranges appropriate plan of action

  • 4. Patient transfer is arranged without the need for input by family and friends

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