Physiotherapy in the home

wSw dispels the myth that daily physiotherapy requires a patient either remain in hospital or be admitted into rehabilitation.

wSw offers the ability for patients to undergo physio in their own home. Of course, a program such as this may not be suitable for all; however it provides peace of mind for those who can.

The wSw mission is to provide as many effective options as possible for those who need it the most.

wSw arranges for a Physiotherapist to visit clients in their home as often as is required, thus ensuring a timely improvement in physical repair. A provision such as this provides clients with the familiarity and comfort of their home environment, while also introducing the Physiotherapist to specific circumstances and living conditions.

Also, while on the road to recovery, wSw physiotherapy clients benefit from the appointment of a case manager.


+ Physiotherapist comes to the home every day if needed

+ One-on-one physiotherapist service

+ wSw assists the physiotherapy recipient with home and nursing care if required

Our 4 Step Action Plan

  • 1. Phone experienced wSw team member

  • 2. Team member notes appropriate information

  • 3. Requirements agreed, team member arranges appropriate plan of action

  • 4. Patient transfer is arranged without the need for input by family and friends

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