Chronic Disease Management

wSw offers support for those struggling with management of a chronic health problem.

High and low chronic health conditions can fluctuate and as they do, wSw offers either in-home or residential care support for a given period of time or until such time as a client is well enough to regain their independence. wSw offers 24 hours per day, seven days per week (24/7) support, covering most of the episodes a client may experience without the need to access hospitalisation.

Chronic disease management may require that wSw provide immediate respite options either in the home or residential care. We at wSw understand that all too often in situations such as this, patients are prematurely placed in residential care or back in hospital. In turn, wSw ensures that recovery options are always available, that clients are placed in the most appropriate (one that is typically advised as being the preferred) environment. In addition, wSw always works with a client’s healthcare network to ensure the best possible outcome.

Whether it’s diabetes, renal or cardiac impairment, lung disorders, Parkinson’s or many other conditions, wSw has the experience, the staff and the options to assist.

Our aim is to manage a condition safely and efficiently, either at home or in residential care, therefore eliminating the need for a hospital stay.


+ Prevents hospital stays

+ A dedicated team of professionals on hand to provide care/support and more options resulting in better outcomes

adult helping senior in hospital

Our 4 Step Action Plan

  • 1. Phone experienced wSw team member

  • 2. Team member notes appropriate information

  • 3. Requirements agreed, team member arranges appropriate plan of action

  • 4. Patient transfer is arranged without the need for input by family and friends

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