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Emergency Respite and Support 24/7

Dealing with an emergency is something we must, yet often neglect to consider. In times of emergency we must take swift positive action in the hope of achieving a positive result. Knowing what to do and/or who to call is paramount, because we don’t know what lies around the corner.

wSw Convalescent Care & Support
Providing everyone with more options

wSw offers patients who are no longer acute or requiring specialised care or treatment, assistance with their discharge from hospital.

wSw utilises appropriate residential care options to further support and care for patients prior to returning home.

Physiotherapy in the home

wSw dispels the myth that daily physiotherapy requires a patient either remain in hospital or be admitted into rehabilitation. wSw offers the ability for patients to undergo physio in their own home. Of course, a program such as this may of course not be suitable for all; however it provides peace of mind for those who can.

One call – immediate results:

Raising the Standard of Senior Care

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