Independent living with the peace of mind of 24/7 monitoring

Designed to support seniors to remain in an independent living environment for longer, whether this is within their own home or a retirement village.

Smart Support Home is extremely important when considering the wellbeing of someone who is living at home or in an aged care facility.

Smart Support Home with wSw provides 24/7 real-time welfare monitoring to enhance the possibility of someone remaining in the home as well as enhancing the capacity to properly assess and meet their care requirements.

Smart Support Home allows you to be aware and respond as soon as possible to events such as:

Know what happens in the 21+ hours a carer or family member is not present.

If there are any issues, Smart Support Home can address them immediately.

If the person is awake late at night and night time activity is high it could explain why the person has low activity during the day. With Smart Support Home, you have access to this information to understand the person’s reactive behaviours immediately.

Be aware of the person leaving the home at times that aren’t in their typical routine.

Should the person wander off, the Smart Support Home pendant has a GPS tracker to know exactly where they are. Via the pendant, the Case Manager can call them to check that they are well or be ready to act should the person be at risk.

Immediate detection of whether someone has had a fall

Sensors detect a lack of movement where it should not occur and give an alert so wSw to respond immediately.

Ensure proper nutrition, hydration and medication is consumed 

Smart Support Home sensors are programmed with the algorithm of the person’s unique typical behaviours.

+ Takes medication twice daily – when they wake up around 7am and in the evening around 6pm.
+ Drinks 5 cups of tea every day.
+ Eats breakfast at 7 – 8am, lunch at 12 – 1pm, dinner at 5-6pm and supper 8-9pm.

Sensors can be placed on appliances such as the refrigerator, kettle, oven and microwave to monitor times and frequency and ensure the person doesn’t forget to eat, drink or take their medication. If their behaviours seem abnormal, wSw will be alerted immediately.

Peace of mind for family members who do not live in close proximity.

Monitoring and reports are available for day to day, week to week and month to month. Smart Support Home gives families and carers the peace of mind that the person is safe and healthy all the time in their home or facility.

Without Smart Support Home you are at risk of:

    • Making decisions based on a superficial analysis made solely on what may be physically apparent or verbally expressed. Information may be omitted due to forgetfulness or wanting to retain perceived independence.
    • If someone is receiving a home care package of 3 hours a day, there is no way to know how the person is in the remaining 21 hours.
    • When an issue occurs, the person has to wait for the next time the carer arrives which may be too late to amend.
    • If there is an issue with the phone, there is little way to find out if things are ok.
    • Not being able to tell if the person is maintaining proper nutrition, sleep, fluids and bowel movements.
    • Ignorance of unusual activity, erratic behaviour, break-ins or thefts as they happen.
    • Families who visit irregularly may see a rapid decline, panic and have little time to assess their options.

Smart Support Home is important:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring even in the many hours when the person is alone such as night time.
  • Immediate response when someone has a fall.
  • Monitor infrequent or abnormal bathroom activity.
  • Monitor nutrition and hydration to ensure they are eating and drinking regularly at standard times.
  • Should an unscheduled or potentially unwelcome visitor enter the home, it can be detected immediately.
  • Identify erratic behaviour and give clear indications to the cause as well as assist in prevention.
  • Families living far away can keep in touch via real-time monitoring for their own peace of mind.

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