Handcrafted Silk Scroll – White Herons


The Chinese word for “heron” sounds similar to a word that means “way” or “path”. Hence, depicting this bird in a painting symbolizes: “may your path always be upward”.   A heron’s job is to take departed souls to heaven. They symbolize longevity, purity, and good fortune.

The graceful heron is a common emblem in Chinese paintings. The pine trees symbolize longevity as well as wisdom.  A pair of herons in pine trees represents a wish for a long life together (松鹤 sōng hè tóng chūn ‘grow old together as if in Spring’).

The high-grade jewel box contains the Chinese and English descriptions of the gold foil. Its exquisite craftsmanship, high-grade exquisite packaging, and elegant and precious are rare treasures.

This scroll is based on delicate soft silk as a carrier. It is especially waterproof, mildew-proof and fade-resistant. It combines the Chinese ink’s charm with silk’s beautiful silk rhyme. It has a silky touch and a bright colour. It also uses national invention patent technology. The use of silk flowers to decorate them makes the products more elegant, dignified and luxurious.




Reel Size (After Mounting): 450mm x 1550mm

Process: Printing
Core Material: Silk