Decorative Fan – Garden Stroll


Chinese fans are a striking addition to any space. The purpose of the fan in feng shui is to guide and redirect energy to the desired space.

It is important to understand the fan’s symbolism in Chinese culture and hang it in the correct way for positive feng shui:

  • Always display it open and never closed – this has strong symbolism. Keeping a closed fan hanging on the wall detracts wealth and opportunity.
  • The open face should show where the energy is supposed to flow. For example, inside a room, not pointing outside it. You don’t want all the good luck to be driven away out from your home!
  • The Chinese fan must never be displayed with the head facing down or straight up. It is believed in feng shui that chi travels in curves so a bit of angle is great! Try to tilt it a bit in the right direction when you hang this fan.
  • Dead ends and long passages can be activated by displaying Chinese fans as cures to circulate chi around.
  • Choose the images painted carefully. Never display a broken or distorted confusing image painted on the fan in your home.
  • Never choose a plain black coloured fan. It symbolizes negative strong yin energy and is not good in feng shui.
  • Choose colours and designs in your Chinese hand painted fan according to the feng shui energy you wish to activate.



Length: 33.5cm (closed) 60mm (open)
Process: Printing
Core Material: Sandlewood






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