An investment of more than three years in development, infrastructure and software design, led to a late 2017 launch of what we believe is a first for Australia; a suite of services which will revolutionise the way Australia approaches respite, convalescent care, emergency response and more.


wSw aims to provide an immediate response, anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; support when it is needed, when it happens, without delay, as follows:
  • Emergency Respite
    • With or without a support plan
    • Servicing most Melbourne suburbs
    • Short stay (3 days) and longer stay placements
    • Frail aged, dementia, behaviours, medical/health issues
  • Post Acute health related Convalescent care
  • Emergency Placements
  • Placement of under 65 year old with an intellectual disability
  • Chinese and other ethnicity exclusive wards and facilities
  • ABI sufferers or those with a mental illness now have an option over and above hospital or home care. Carers likewise can receive respite if and when required

Services are designed to ensure patients receive immediate relief and support along with an assurance of a positive outcome for all.

wSw places people out of harm’s way immediately, any time of the day or night.

wSw provides a service that not only takes the danger component out of the equation, but puts the person in question into a safe, friendly and accommodating environment with caring staff and professional help to draw from as required.

Whatever the emergency, whatever Support whenever offers a unique solution outside traditional resources, and one that is not available anywhere else in Australia.

Our 4 Step Action Plan

  • 1. Phone experienced wSw team member

  • 2. Team member notes appropriate information

  • 3. Requirements agreed, team member arranges appropriate plan of action

  • 4. Patient transfer is arranged without the need for input by family and friends

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